Backorder for Collection 168

Arrived (will be mailing out after checking of stocks)
The Doves Dress in CREAM
The Confetti Cut-Out Skater Dress in ORANGE

Walk your Little Dog Chiffon Dress in NAVY BLUE (Orders Submitted)


Sometimes I wish time could turn back

Sometimes I wish the puppy love have never become reality at least it couldn’t hurt so badly now

But sometimes at least we makes things happen, and whatever that is in the past it is just memories which have no significant meaning in our lives

PEARLAVISH & are elated to be able to participate in upcoming flea that is organised by Fleanatic Event.

We will be having this Blogshop warehouse sales where you can find good bargains and so much more! Excited isn’t it.

Remember to bookmark this date and see you girls there.


Although this dress has been around for quite sometimes, we recently JUST decided to bring in this lovely convertible 1 month back due to the constant nagging by ourĀ  dearest supplier. And never a doubt, it has been doing well that we added new colors to it.
It doesn’t seem difficult to come out with a tie, just a little creativitiy, I believe that you can do a style that someone could never thought of.

Our models have a fun time playing with this dress, to compete who tied to faster.
Below are the 4 popular colors that you can consider:

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

This dress are a favourite among the bride-to-be because she needs not worry about sizing and so on. And if you are planning to get one for your bridemaids, email us at for color viewing.



“JUST AS PRETTY” Inspired DollHouse Flouchy Maxi Dress

lovely pictures credited to

When I was going through the darkest point of time, I used to envy others and question myself.
But suddenly it dawned on me that, actually I am already blessed and loved.
Have you have this kind of feeling before?
Envying others of their beauty, envy others practically about everything?
But I come to realise and appreciate what I have, as I appreciate them the value increase.

“JUST AS PRETTY”, my favourite piece that I got from ZARA.
Nobody is the same, nobody is perfect, nobody is indepensible.
God makes us unique, and different to be attractive for the other party.
Although it was made of different material and feel(original design was of floral), it is “JUST AS PRETTY” as the original piece.
A piece to remind yourself that it is your inner beauty that shines from within.

“Wish You Peace, Love and Joy” Sweetheart Pocket Shift Dress


Love: a simple 4 letters found in a dictionary, a word that is universal, a word that binds and holds a relationship together, a word that is hard to communicate, but I learnt that there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.

Peace: a word that speaks calm, a word that soothes, and I realise with peace we see things clearly with an open heart.

Joy: a word that speaks of happiness, a word we want to create in the presence of our love ones and I come to experience that everyday there is a reason to be joyful.

As I was thinking about this little story behind this manufactured piece, I dedicate this dress to you, “Wish You Peace, Love and Joy” Sweetheart Pocket Shift Dress.
Even though things are not moving for me, these words certaintly refresh me, just like a morning dew which appears every single morning.
Wear this dress with a purpose and hearby wishing you love, peace and joy.

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BlogGals Spa Party on 1 October @ My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

PEARLAVISH was previleged to be the offical sponsor for sweetie dresses for this event at Blog Gals Spa Party on 1st October @ My Cozy Room Boutique Spa.
I meet Celine, the marketing director when were doing our SMU bazaar last month and decided to chance upon an opportunity to collaborate with each others.
Like most other girls, i definitely love to pamper myself with spa treats, mani and pedicure.
Let the pictures tell you more.

The entrance of the Spa
Do “LIKE” their facebook @!/mycozyroom

Our first attempt at decorating the racks. It wasnt difficult at all.
Simply gets the lace and flowers from Daiso and be creative.







More pictures from the event can be found at our facebook.